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Koomiya Smart Home is an integration service provider for innovative products of various brands on the website “Smart Integration“. The webpage pictures, videos, and information contained in the website pages are provided by the network and sales personnel of various brands, and the copyright belongs to the original author and his company; This site is only for the purpose of learning and serving the landing of different brand products. If your rights are violated, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to delete them; some articles cannot be contacted by the original author due to various reasons during the push process. If copyright issues are involved, please contact us with the original author and deal with it immediately.

The product information, specifications, product features, product usage, and other text expressions, picture effects, and other content on the website page are all the theoretical data values of the brand, and the actual product performance, specifications, indexes, and parts of the received brand shall prevail. In the event that it is necessary to make the above modifications and adjustments, no special notice will be made.

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